Holiday shopping in Florida doesn’t have to be stressful. Skip the lines because there’s still time to ship your gifts. From the sweet-tooth fiend to the self-care guru on your list, these Florida businesses have the perfect gift for them and anyone else in your life.

Holidays in the Sunshine State usually mean no snow (except for those few times it actually did snow in Florida), but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo the festive spirit and selecting the best gifts for all of the personalities on your gift list. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice all year, ‘tis the giving season, and it’s time to think about crossing items off your gift list for loved ones.

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Not sure where to start? Just breathe because the perfect present is a thumb-scroll away. Say goodbye to your Scrooge vibes and keep reading to discover essential gifts made in Florida for every type of Floridian (or wannabe Floridian) in your life.

Self-care guru

Being a self-care guru in 2019 is easier than ever. With so many mental health apps and therapeutic candles available, it can be tricky finding a unique gift for a master pamperer.

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Try gifting a soothing salt scrub that’s handmade in the sunny Florida Keys. The scrub, which is available in fragrances like mango coconut and key lime, is a charming, rejuvenating present that is perfect for a quaint spirited self-care guru.

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The holidays are for celebrating and most of us know a friend or family member who makes killer drinks. Add a splash of history this year by gifting the Florida Mule Mix that’s made in the world’s oldest city at the St. Augustine Distillery. Just add one part St. Augustine Distillery Vodka and two parts seltzer, and your loved ones will be celebrating in no time.

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All the ingredients used to make drinks at the St. Augustine Distillery are made from local and regional agriculture. Their award-winning distillers mill, grind, mash, cook and ferment the ingredients and then distill them in two copper pot stills to make a unique flavor.

Coffee lover

Do you smell that? It’s the invigorating scent of coffee. Imagine the java fanatic in your life unwrapping freshly roasted beans, which aren’t always easy to find in every supermarket, for the holidays. The Buddy Brew Old Florida Roast blend offers a “taste of Florida” for those pesky, groggy mornings.

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Here’s a fun fact: When the owners of Buddy Brew, Dave and Susan Ward, were in their dating stage, Dave’s first gift to her was a coffee maker.

Feel like giving a gift that lasts? You can order a subscription for varieties like Cubano Espresso and Holiday Roast, and you can set up deliveries that range from once a week to every four weeks.

Citrus connoisseur

Nothing says Florida like oranges. Did you know the Sunshine State is responsible for 56% of the United States’ orange supply?

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Give the gift of citrus with the Florida Favorites Gift Box by Hale Groves. The Grove Navel Oranges are picked fresh to order and come with marmalade made from the oranges, toasted coconut cookies, coconut patties and a milk chocolate orange infused with fruit.

Sweet-tooth fiend

We all have someone in our family or friend circle that can’t get enough of sweet treats. Skip the manufactured sweets and tap into these handmade confections that are personally crafted by pastry chef Norman Love in Fort Myers. Love has been featured in The Today Show, The New York Times, Martha Stewart Living, O Magazine, Forbes, Huffington Post, and others.

Norman Love’s Confections has been named the best premium chocolate company in the United States six times since 2006.

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Try the 25-piece holiday gift box for those who love to be surprised by an assortment of goodies.

Long-time Floridian

Are you even a Floridian if you don’t love key lime pie? Look no further for a gift for your favorite Sunshine State pal. Send them an authentic pie straight from the legendary Kermit’s Key Lime Pie Shoppe.

Want to add some festivity to your gift? Opt for their strawberry or chocolate-covered key lime pie. If you’re torn about what to pick, check out their 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for gift basket ideas.

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Your loved one will appreciate a flavorful slice of The Keys without even having to travel.


Having a fashionista in your life means being able to pick out priceless items that they’ll kill the fashion game for a lifetime. Try gifting one-of-a-kind jewelry made from Florida seashells.

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The Peach Coral Bracelet Set includes a peach-colored coral bracelet on a 14k gold wire, a gold leather bracelet, and a 14k gold sand dollar charm bracelet.

The best part? All pieces are 100% ocean-proof, so there is no need to take them off while swimming at the most popular Florida beaches.

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Alligator enthusiast

Florida is alligator territory so take a bite out of the holidays with Alligator Bob's Premium Meat Snacks made by one of Florida’s legendary state gator trappers, Alligator Bob.

If the alligator fan in your life likes experimenting with the unique taste of exotic game or enjoys trying new flavors, they’ll love the five-pack snack stick sampler, which comes with an array of exotic game snack sticks.

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The premium meat snacks contain no fillers, extenders, or animal fat additives and are smoked in a real smokehouse with natural hardwoods.