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Washington County News

Dear Editor: 

Wake up America and Florida! If Trump is doing so great, why are so many well respected republican leaders and generals backing and supporting Biden? I can hear the diehards yelling they're disloyal  tp their party. I say they are loyal Americans who put their love of their country before politics. I think they realize Trump does not meet the moral standard of the Republican Party and is a dismal failure as a leader. 

Trump's Presidency has played out like a bad T.V. reality show. How many appointees has he fired and how many just got disgusted with him and quit. I have lost count. Many have written books about his failed leadership. 

You still think Trump puts your or America's best interest first? In 2000 Trump told Fortune Magazine, "It's very possible I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money off of it." 

Letters to the editor

I like former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder who is backing Biden. He said, "He is a good decent man. You can tell he's a person of character that cares. We need to heal our country." He said trump lacks a moral compass, ignores the truth and does not appreciate public policy matters." 

I believe trump made disparaging comments toward the military that he referred to fallen and captured U.S. Military as "losers" and "suckers." Sounds just like something someone with no moral compass would say. Trump once joked with radio jock Howard Stern that chasing women while risking STD's was his version of Vietnam, adding "It is very dangerous." 

I know many of you diehards are saying "You are being to critical of Trump" so I will close with a quote from Senator Lindsay Graham: If we nominate Trump we will get destroyed and we will deserve it." 

Carolyn Clark, Chipley