99¢ for the first month
99¢ for the first month

AAA: October opens with a 10 cent jump at the pump

Staff Report

HOLMES AND WASHINGTON COUNTIES  — Florida gas prices jumped an average of 10 cents per gallon last week. This was the fourth consecutive month that begin with higher gas prices; each one with an average increase of 7-12 cents. 

In Holmes and Washington Counties gas prices are staying within the lower of more larger metro areas with prices ranging between $2.09 and 2.17 per gallon at pumps across the county. 

"It’s not uncommon for gas prices to suddenly jump at the end/beginning of the month," said Mark Jenkins, spokesman, AAA - The Auto Club Group. "That’s because many retailers enter into new monthly contracts on fuel deliveries, which can come with a higher price tag."

Prices at the pump could follow the same trend as last month. September began with the state average suddenly rising to $2.20 per gallon. By the end of the month, the state average slid back down to $2.09.

A hand placing a credit card into a gas pump card reader.

On average, September was the most expensive month at the pump since March. The monthly average price in September was $2.15 per gallon. That's 5 cents per gallon more than what drivers paid in August, yet 30 cents per gallon less than what drivers paid in September 2019. 

Regional Prices

Most expensive metro markets – West Palm Beach ($2.29), Port St. Lucie ($2.22), Ocala ($2.22)

Least expensive metro markets – Tallahassee ($2.09), Crestview ($2.12), Pensacola ($2.13)