Closed Holmes County Roads

Cathrine Lamb
Washington County News

HOLMES COUNTY - All Roads are closed in Holmes County should be considered closed officials are saying due to Sally's Storm UNLES for non essential use.

The following roads in Holmes are currently closed due to flooding caused by Hurricane Sally.

Parrish Road

County Road 177A (North of Boswell Road - Paved)

County Road 173 (North of Hubbard Street - Paved)

State Road 79 (at Mt. Olive Church - paved, state)

County Road 65 

Adolph Whitaker Road (at the bridge)

Parker Grant Road 

Bonifay Chipley Road 

Tri-County Airport Road

Holmestead Road

J.W. Miller Road

State Road 81 (at Prosperity - paved)

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Malcom Taylor Road 

Tom Messer Road

Highway 173 (at Cody Taylor Lane - paved)

AJ Steverson Road 

State Road 81 (at Mitchell Road - paved, state)

State Road 81 (at Line Road - paved, state)

W.A. Clark Road 

Richard Blaylock Road

Sharpe Road 

Paulk Road 

State Road 81 (North of State Road 2 - Paved, State)

State Road 81 (at Vortex - Paved, State)

James G Road

Highway 10A (Paved)

Tony Parson Road

County Road 162 

N. Holmes Creek Road (Milled)

Alford Road (from County Road 183 to bridge)

Brackin Road

Highway 185 (North of Sate Road 2 - Paved)

Valee Road (Milled)

Rice Lane 

Red Road

Jones Road

Tram Road 

Antique Road 

Happy Hollow Road

Linwood Circle

Jim Bush Road

Bonifay Gritney Road

Josey Road

Parker Road

Hoffman Road

Hoovers Mill Road

State Road 79 (Paved - State)

Son-n-Law (City)

Hathaway Mill Road (Milled)

Horseshoe Loop 

Old Mill Road

D.G. Worley Road

County Road 81 A (Paved)

Coleman Worley Road

Deacon Road (Paved)

Jack Brown Road 

Michigan Road

Will Lee Road (Milled)

Ammons Road (Milled)

Harris Steverson Road 

Curry Ferry 

Roping Road

Love Road

Jack Johnson Road

Otter Creek Road

D. G. Worley Road (Bridge)

Beall Road (Bridge)

Beall Packing Road (Bridge)

Old Liberty School Road (Bridge)

Hall Road (Bridge)

Rob Forehand 

T.J. Mitchell 

Wrights Creek Road 

Highway 177A (at Wrights Creek Bridge)

Melson Lane

John Marsh Road