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Faye Harris

I decided many moons ago that I’d have the goal of living past 100...just as my maternal grandparents did.  (Grandma was working in a nursing home when she was 80.  She never learned to drive and would walk the several miles into town each day.)

Therefore, as I informed my eldest son, “I’ve got a head start.  I walk 4 or 5 miles most days, take suppliments, and keep up with my exercising.  And there are my long lived relatives.”

“You can dream,” he tossed back.  (That tone informed me we were in for one of our mental tug-of-wars.)

“Which one of us doesn’t take prescription medicines?” I asked.

“You don’t have you for a mother,” he mentioned.

“I wasn’t that lucky,” I told the ‘boy’.  “Besides, I was just going to compliment you by saying all this mental jockeying back and forth is probably one thing that keeps me spry.   So, I’ll just keep up with my walking...”

“You’ll probably be hit by a car and make an early exit,” he returned refusing to be the straight man in our comedy routine.  “And mom...there is this COVID thing.”

“Hold on,” I said in my most motherly tone.  “They say the vast majority of COVID deaths is due to an underlying illness,”

As Milt opened the door to leave...he had to have the last word with, “Mother, mental disability is a health issue too, you know.”

This left me with ‘the shoe being on the other foot’ so to speak.  Now it’ll be up to me to sharpen my mind for our next comedy encounter.  Gosh...I sure hope the old mind keeps hitting on all cylinders...    after all I do have a few years before I reach my desired goal...why,  if sonny boy and I keep this up...I may even make it to one hundred...PLUS!