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Seeing the Invisible

John Cagle

O, the power of a yearning look,

The strength of a loving gaze;

Not of a mere curious glance,

But a look that sees through the haze.

Waiting, often, long to focus,

‘Til the image I’ve sought is clear;

Then defined, I  see His visage,

And move to Him without any fear.

Oh, the pleasure of contemplation;

To think of love and envision Him

‘Til the Spirit reveals His glory,

Opening up the invisible realm.

This world is full of clamorous noise,

Some sound is constantly on the ear;

Or some sight has us distracted,

Keeping us from knowing He’s near.

But the soul that keeps its focus

And the heart that holds its love,

Soon will pass through into splendor,

And know the friendship of Him above.

To every morning wait at the gate

For wisdom and grace to give me strength;

Gazing lovingly into the garden,

‘Til He appears to me at length.

I’ve no regret He kept me waiting,

For I knew He had not gone;

Waiting strengthened my deepest longings,

Increasing my thirst for this dear One.

He’s arresting my attention,

This most precious One to me.

 His love attracts me and molds me,

‘Til His grace  is reflected in me.

Looking beyond the visible,

No temporal thing holding the eyes;

Seeing Him who is invisible,

Within whose hands, each joy doth lie.

That on which the heart is fixed

And keeps me anchored by God’s grace,

Will hold my love, ‘til on yon shore,

I’m’ held in Jesus’ loving embrace.

God gives to each of His children

A heart that can see the spiritual realm;

By faith they can see the invisible,

And there behold the Majesty of Him.