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Voting results show changes for Holmes County

K. William Boyer
Washington County News

HOLMES COUNTY - In a nail biting election season candidates out their all out to prove themselves worthy of the roles they sought for the county. After Tuesday's results were announced the community will see changes coming in November. 

Here are the results: 

 In the race for Representative in Congress District 1 incumbent Matt Gaetz  retained his seat, obtaining 2,128 votes averaging 83.61 percent of the votes over his challengers  Greg Merk , with only 157 votes and John Mills with 260 votes. 

County member Sam Bailey will enter the seat of Clerk of Court after grabbing 2,205 votes, beating his three competitors Jena Gilmore, who earned 1,391 votes, Marsha Sherrouse, who earned 1,588 votes and Stephen Herrington, who earned 217 votes. Biley won the race with 40.83 percent of the votes. 

 Harry Bell and Bryan Bell will retain their seats as Tax Collector and Property Appraiser after beating their challengers Donna Boroughs and Jack Fairclouth Jr in the tax collector's race and Mike Moore in the property appraiser's. Bryan Bell won his race with 3,345 votes with a 61.69 percentage of the votes while Harry Bell won with 2,960 votes with a 54.44 percentage rate. 

Incumbent Theresa Meadows will retain her seat as Supervisor of Elections  winning against challengers Hannah Benton and Tammie Harrison with 2,909 votes and a 53.81 percentage rate. 

Sam Bailey

County Commissioner Clint Erickson also will remain the commissioner for district five after receiving 3,050 votes, beating his opponent, Ron Monk with 56.87 percent of the votes. 

Buddy Brown

School Board Member Wilburn Baker also retained his seat after beating Debbie Kolmetz with 60.32 percent of the votes, receiving 3,210 votes to Kometz's 2,112. 

Clint Erickson

In a race almost too close too call, County Commissioner Phillip Music managed to hang on this seat by only 23 votes against challenger Jason Pough. Music received 1,862 votes to Pough's 1,839. Third challenger Aubrey Serpas received 1,648 votes. Music in the end, won by a voting percentage rate of 34.81 percent. Pough was listed at 34.38 percent of votes when polls closed.  

Jason Pough

In a surprising twist, two incumbents in the election were unseated after voting results were rounded up. County Commissioner Bob Sasnett,a long time commissioner, was unseated by challenger Jeff Good who received majority votes, garnering 3,005 votes and gaining  56.47 votes. The third challenger Ralph Minger received 476 votes while Sasnett received 1,840 votes. 

Superintendent Terry Mears will also be leaving office in November after he was defeated by challenger Bobby Brown. Brown received 78.58 percent of the votes, with 4,242 votes. Mears, who has served as superintendent for the past four years, gained 1,156 votes.