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Washington County election results show incumbents keep office another term

K. William Boyer
Washington County News

CHIPLEY - After a whirlwind election with the county seeing many dedicated candidates giving their all this seeing, the results are in for the 2020 Washington races showing. In a surprise twist this years election show that all the county's incumbents who ran again for office have won their seats for another term. 

 In the race for Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller, incumbent Lora C. Bell  retained her seat with 69.87 percent of the votes grabbing 3,915 votes, beating opponent Stephanie N. Blankenship  who obtained  30.13 percent, or 1,688 votes. 

Voting on August 18 for the 2020 primary  resulted in the incumbents retaining their seats.
Lora Bell, Clerk of Court

In the Supervisor of Elections race, incumbent Carol Rudd won the race with 63.65 percent of the votes, totaling 2,416 votes in all. Her challengers Chris Hyatt gained only 293 votes which earned him a 7.72 percent rate of votes while Corey Odom earned 1,087 votes which earned her a 28.64 percent age of the votes.  

Joe Taylor Superintendent of Schools

Both County Commissioners Alan Bush and Steve Joyner again won the races for their respective seats for districts one and districts five on the county commission.  Bush garnered 3,060 votes with a 55.09 percent rating against challenger Travis Hall who received 2,495 votes with a 44.91 percent rating. Joyner received 3,732 votes with a 67.15 percent average against his opponent, Lynn Gothard, a former commissioner herself, who received 1,826 votes with a 32.85 percent average.   

Carol Rudd, Supervisor of Elections
Steve Joyner, County Commission

Holding her seat School Board Member District 2 is Dr. Lou Cleveland who won the election with 3,653 votes, averaging 66.21 percent of the votes. Her oppenent, Jerry Herrell, received 1,864 votes gaining 33.79 percent of the votes. 

Lou Cleveland, School Board
Alan Bush, County Commission

In the race for Superintendent for Schools, incumbent Joseph Taylor won against challenger Martha Compton with 3,195 votes, equivalent to 56.71 percent of the votes to Compton's 2,439 votes, equivalent to 43.29 percent of the votes. 

Larry Basford, State Attorney

For the race in for the State Attorney 14th Judicial District, Larry Basford, who ran to be the new state attorney, won the election grabbing  4,075 votes with a 73.80  percent rate. Basford's appointnent, Wes Hatcher lost the election with only 1,447 votes, with a percentage rate of 26.20 percent.