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K. William Boyer
Washington County News

HOLMES AND WASHINGTON COUNTIES-  The unofficial voting results are in for offices for elections for Holmes and Washington Counties 

As of 9 p.m. on August 18 here are the results: 


State Attorney 14th Judicial District - UPC

Larry Basford (REP) -73.80% OF THE VOTES with  4,075 votes

Wes Hatcher (REP) 26.20% OF THE VOTES with 1,447 votes 

Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller 

Lora C. Bell (REP) 69.87% OF THE VOTES with 3,915 votes

Stephanie N. Blankenship (REP) 30.13% OF THE VOTES with 1,688 votes

 Superintendent of Schools 

Martha Barfield Compton (REP) 43.29% OF THE VOTES with 2,439 votes

Joseph Taylor (REP) 56.71% OF THE VOTES with 3,195 votes

Supervisor of Elections

Participating Precincts Reporting: 12 / 12

Christopher A. Hyatt (REP)  7.72% OF THE VOTES  with 293 votes

Corey Odom (REP) 28.64% OF THE VOTES with 1,087 votes

Carol Finch Rudd (REP) 63.65% OF THE VOTES  with 2,416 votes

County Commissioner District 1 

Alan T Bush (REP) 55.09% OF THE VOTES with 3,060 votes

Travis Hall (REP) 44.91% OF THE VOTES with 2,495 votes 

 County Commissioner District 5 

Lynn Gothard (REP) 32.85% OF THE VOTES with 1,826 votes

Steve Joyner (REP) 67.15% OF THE VOTES with 3,732 votes

 School Board Member District 2

Lou Cleveland (NON) 66.21% OF THE VOTES with 3,653 votes

Jerry Harrell (NON) 33.79% OF THE VOTES with 1,864 votes

Election results for the 2020 Indiana Primary.


Representative in Congress District 1

Matt Gaetz (REP) 83.61% OF THE VOTES with 2,128 votes 

Greg Merk (REP) 6.17% OF THE VOTES with 157 votes 

John Mills (REP)10.22% OF THE VOTES with 260

 State Attorney 14th Judicial Circuit 

Larry Basford (REP) 65.97% OF THE VOTES with 3,426 votes

Wes Hatcher (REP) 34.03% OF THE VOTES with 1,767 votes

 Clerk of Circuit Court and Comptroller 

Sam Bailey (REP) 40.83% OF THE VOTES with 2,205 votes

Jena Gilmore (REP) 25.75% OF THE VOTES with 1,391 votes

Stephen L. Herrington III (REP) 4.02% OF THE VOTES with 217 votes

Marsha Farmer Sherrouse (REP) 29.40% OF THE VOTES  with 1,588 votes

Property Appraiser 

Bryan A. Bell (REP) 61.69% OF THE VOTES with 3,345 votes

Mike Moore (REP) 38.31% OF THE VOTES with  2,077 votes

Tax Collector

Harry Bell (REP) 54.44% OF THE VOTES with 2,960 votes

Donna Boroughs (REP) 30.40% OF THE VOTES with 1,653 votes

Jackie "Jack" Faircloth Jr (REP) 15.16% OF THE VOTES  824 votes

 Superintendent of Schools

Buddy Brown (REP) 78.58% OF THE VOTES with 4,242 votes

Terry L. Mears (REP) 21.42% OF THE VOTES with 1,156 votes

Supervisor of Elections 

Hannah Paulk Benton (REP) 20.16% OF THE VOTES with 1,090 votes

Tammie Harrison (REP) 26.03% OF THE VOTES with 1,407 votes

Therisa Meadows (REP) 53.81% OF THE VOTES with 2,909 votes

 County Commissioner District 1

Jeff Good (REP) 56.47% OF THE VOTES with 3,005 votes

Ralph Eric Minger (REP) 8.95% OF THE VOTES with 476 votes

Bobby Sasnett (REP) 34.58% OF THE VOTES with 1,840 votes

 County Commissioner District 3 

Phillip G. Music (REP) 34.81% OF THE VOTES with 1,862 votes

Jason Pugh (REP) 34.38% OF THE VOTES with 1,839 votes

Aubrey Serpas (REP) 30.81% OF THE VOTES with 1,648 votes

 County Commissioner District 5

Clint Erickson (REP) 56.87% OF THE VOTES with 3,050 votes

Ron Monk Jr (REP) 43.13% OF THE VOTES with 2,313 votes

 School Board Member District 2

Wilburn Baker (NON) 60.32% OF THE VOTES with 3,210 votes

Debbie Kolmetz (NON) 39.68% OF THE VOTES with 2,112 votes