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Dixieland Veterinary Clinic going strong as they honor late founder

K. William Boyer
Washington County News

BONIFAY - Dixieland Veterinary Services said last week they would like the community and clients to know that they are still in business after the recent passing of Dr. Brad. Johnson, the founder of the clinic to complications from COVID-19 last month. 

The Dixieland staff continues the work and dedication of the late Brad Johnson the founder of the clinic.

 "We are here and ready to serve you as we strive to continue the legacy of our founder," the clinic said. 

The clinic announced that Dr. Leigh Ann Gannon, an associate who has been working with Dixieland Veterinary Services full time since February 2019, is currently serving at the helm of the clinic.  Gannon is a 2005 Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine graduate and knew Dr. Johnson throughout her years at Auburn.

"Dr. Johnson was over the moon excited when she joined the practice and she quickly became part of the team," Jennifer Cloud, a representative from the clinic said. 

Gannon has been practicing small animal medicine in Alabama and Florida for the past 15 years and currently resides with her husband, James and daughter; Ada in Enterprise, AL. The clinic said Gannon is very passionate about her veterinary work, to the extent of doing medical missions in Honduras.

"Please know that we have missed you and are ready to continue the same quality of care and compassion for you and your pets," the clinic staff said.

Dixieland office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. They can be reached at 850.547.4160.

Dr. Gannon with her husband and daughter.