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Community Members Assist ‘Youth In Action’ Food Giveaway in Chipley

Paul Golding
guest writer
Washington County News

CHIPLEY - On Saturday a small group of volunteers fed a very large group of recipients in Chipley

The ‘Youth In Action With A Purpose’ offered an assortment of fresh, canned and dried foods to residents in need, due in some cases, to the COVID-19 virus.

Aided by a group of local volunteers, the food drive, organized by Angel Belcher of Chipley, was a huge success, and held at 740 East Boulevard in Chipley from 8-11AM.

Belcher said, ‘A special thank you to all the volunteers that helped with the food drive on Saturday, including Corey Odom and Chief Scott Thompson’.

Belcher continued, ‘I want to thank the Lord for this Saturday food drive giveaway. We were able to serve a couple of hundred people, and I also want to give a great shout out to the police officers and other residents who volunteered. You guys are the best’.

‘I know the Lord put us together for a reason and a purpose. We are a team that was put together by the Lord with a purpose to accomplish things in this community. Amen’.

The group plans additional events as need arises, and Belcher, recently featured alongside President Donald Trump, and a local organizer of BLEXIT National, is a key component in that effort.

Corey Odom, who has assisted in these events in the past, said, ‘Through the act of giving, the giver actually receives more than he gives, and I appreciate being able to be a part of this community outreach and all the good that this group is doing’.