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Doctor’s Memorial Hospital preps for COVID-19

Kevin Boyer
Washington County News

BONIFAY - In the wake of the national Coronavirus issue, Doctor’s Memorial Hospital has taking a precautionary steps to protecting patients in the area.

The hospital said it is regularly communicating with Florida Department of Health officials, CDC and Emergency Management to obtain the latest expert guidance.

To protect patients, DMH said it is is controlling entrances to the facility and screening all staff, patients and visitors to identify persons who should be assessed for coronavirus.

Visitation to hospital patients is being limited to protect the safety of DMH staff and patients.

Patients coming to the emergency room at Doctors Memorial Hospital with symptoms of coronavirus will be kept separated from the rest of the patient population. The hospital said a special room has been set up to treat patients with symptoms.

“We will be screening patients carefully,” hospital administrator said.

People who are concerned about possible exposure and are considering the need for treatment should call the hospital for guidance they said.

DMH is instituting a Coronavirus hotline for patients wishing to know more about coronavirus and how the hospital can help them. People can call 850-547-8000 and dial option 1.

“We are here to keep you informed,” Joann Baker, hospital administrator said. “Our job is to keep the community safe.”

The hospital will also post the latest information from Department of Health officials to the hospital website