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Reader’s Response: “Coronovirus hitting close to home”

Kevin Boyer
Washington County News

HOLMES AND WASHINGTON COUNTY - Recently we put a question to readers asking:

“Are you concerned about the coronavirus hitting Holmes or Washington County and what information would you like to know more about from healthcare professionals in your area about the virus?”

We also asked what precautions are readers taking to protect themselves right now as the virus continues to spread?

Readers flooded facebook with comments voicing their thoughts about the new virus and the chances of it, “hitting close to home.”

Chipley residing Alisha Bjornson said, “Being so close already, it's probably just a matter of time till it makes it here.” She said her concerned was for the elderly in the area as it seems to affect them a lot worse.

Precautions? Bjornson said wash your hands and hope for the best like flu.

Vernon resident Caitlyn Zurica said her family has increased their vitamin C intake and are making making sure they wash their hands a lot more than we did before.

County resident Pamela Smithson said she is concerned for the virus coming to the counties because of her weakened immune system.

“From what I hear it is worse for me,” Smothson said.

Bonifay resident Boniie Mixon, said she was worried it would hit Holmes County.

“I have elder mother that her immune system is already weak,” Mixon said. “I have hand sanitizer on hand and tell everyone that comes to my house to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer ... If you are sick don't come......”

Terri Alexandria Ellis said, “I handle money at work both my kids have bad immune systems and my son is in school. So of course I’m worried if it keeps getting worse. We are already sick enough as it is.”

Dayna Lynn, said the threat worried her so much that she pulled child out of school due to their having a weak immune system and needing surgery soon.

“He is a germ and bug picker upper so it was our best defense to take him out.” Lynn said. “And the school will not cooperate and threatened me with truancy court! They will not give me a few weeks worth of homework so he can keep up and not be behind, so today I’m putting him in Florida flex homeschooling and he won’t return for the rest of the year!”

While many were concerned about the illness, Few people said the scare of the virus doesn’t really worry them.

Rebekah Shutt said, not to go out spread germs if you are sick, keep immune compromised people home,

Loyd Darby said while many people are being told to stay home if they have symptoms, he said that is hard to do.

“Some carriers don't know they are infecting people,” Darby said, “We are right by I 10 and infected people have surely passed by or stopped for gas. Really need to assume that everyone you meet is leaving virus on everything they touch.”

While the virus continues to spread all over the state, national and local health officials continue to monitor the exact severity of the illness and the proper protocol to follow.