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Chipley residents address council over concerns near south side of Chipley

Kevin Boyer
Washington County News

CHIPLEY - Chipley’s City Council say they dedicate themselves on the needs of the city and their residents. So when a mother and daughter of the city approach council about come concerns at the March 10 meeting, council was ready and willing to to hear them.

Bessie Russ, a resident of Orange Street, said she came to the meeting with four concerns she hoped council would take to heart.Russ said one of the biggest thing that she would like addressed is the matter of a dog issue she has been having.

“Two Wednesday’s ago my garbage can was turned over by a ago during the night,” Russ said.

She said she had contacted public works, who informed her they would set traps to catch the dog, but to date she said it has not happened. Russ said she also is concerned about various streets surrounding her, including Pecan Street, being used late at night for racing.

“The motor’s are very loud,” she said. “And you can see their signature on the road.”

Russ said by signature she means you can see their tire tracks on the pavement. she said they usually race on the weekend nights.

Russ’s daughter, Angela Butler, who lives on Pecan Street, said she has heard the racing as well and urged the council to put a stop to it as well as address two more of her mother’s concerns, sidewalks and ditches.

“The ditches need to be maintained...more than just mowed,” Butler said. “There could be snakes in there.”

Butler also said the sidewalks on the South end of town were in poor condition and needed to be repaired and maintained before residents were injured.

Mayor Tracy Andrews said the city would look into the issues and follow up with Russ and Butler once the matters were taken care of.

“We want to thank you for bringing these things to our attention.”