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Holmes Valley Quilters Celebrate 12 years

Kevin Boyer
Washington County News

HOLMES AND WASHINGTON COUNTY - When you think of a quilting club, you might think of a group a senior ladies gathering together to gossip and sip tea and perhaps occasionally get a quilt made. But if you think that the Holmes Valley Quilters are anything like that, you would be very much mistaken.

The group, started in 2008, formed with the sole purpose of educating and sharing with others their love for the art of quilting.

The Holmes Valley Quilters met for the first time January 17, 2008, where 26 people gathered in the house of former guild President and co-founder, Kathy Anderson.

The group said that by doing it they have hopes of, “preserving its foundation in our lives and encouraging inspiration in those of future generations.”

The group has been meeting for years in the fellowship hall of the First Baptist Church in Bonifay, where at the height of the groups membership, 50 women gathered for a meal and a meeting of mind.

According to the group, it is not just about quilting together, they also give back to the community through donations and charitable sales held at various times.

For the past several years, The group has been making and donating quilts and pillowcases to a local program known as the “Guardian ad Litem” program. Most of the fabric and materials needed for these projects are either donated by members themselves or by local sewing groups and/or businesses. Members give their personal time and construct quilts and pillowcases to be donated to local children in need.

The group consists of members from Holmes and Washington Counties, surrounding counties in Florida and into the state of Alabama.

One member said that the group was like a family and it was a high point of her month to attend the meetings.

The meetings are every third Thursday at 5:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall at the First Baptist Church in Bonifay.