We need balance. That may even be the reason for having a two-party system. Democrats would give the farm away...while the Republicans draw the purse strings so tightly old Uncle Sam sometimes has to gasp for breath.

With dad and mom, one of them acts as though there’s no room for wiggling while the other excuses a great deal with “kids will be kids”...while understanding themselves that they, too, are just in the learning game called life. Otherwise instead of life...it would be called ‘heaven.’

With age is supposed to come wisdom...but the wisest thing I’ve learned in my dotage is to think twice before offering my sage advice. It’s like the old adage, ‘measure twice, cut once’...only in my case it has to be measure, measure, measure, then have someone else measure before I cut.

Now I know a great many stories about one called ‘God’ as I near my time of deportation to the after life. However, the older I get the more I’m beginning to understand this whole ‘God’ thing.

From the time we’re youngsters we’re informed (over and over...tirelessly) that “you’d better be good, you’d better not cry because the Santa Claus we call ‘God’ sees all, knows all, ad infinity...plus He keeps score.”

Now, as this old computer brain of mine begins to get a handle on this whole ‘God’ thing (as it shuffles all the cards in the deck) a few answers have become apparent. Why, just the other day during an accident that I witnessed...I actually saw Super God in action...and it happened right in front of my very own eyeballs!

This time He was wearing the disguise of a young man who had not been involved in the accident, but who had noticed a middle aged lady with several children in her car...who was the victim of the occurrence.

The lady had gotten out of her vehicle, appeared a bit befuddled, and was looking around. The children with her were crying.

Mr. God-in-action had pulled his own car over to the curb (while the rest of us sat in ours...unhappy about the delay in our own always important plans); had gone to the lady and informed her the police were on their way.

He then motioned to a young lady who was with him to come to where he was standing. When she arrived he suggested she take the children into the nearby library...and he stayed with the accident victim. When the police arrived, he told them what he’d witnessed.

While the results of the accident were later reported in the paper, God and his female angel were never mentioned. I guess, while the rest of us who remained seated in our cars on our more than ample laurels... were being taught a lesson (I understand this is often the way the Head Master teaches) the goodness that was within a younger, fellow human being’s mind registered ‘Jackpot!’ Opportunities like this often occur with a real bit of regularity on this globe...

Those who say they don’t believe in God needs to reconsider this whole thing. The goodness that lies within most of us just needs to be put into practice so that it becomes a habit...or whatever one chooses to call it. In truth is we all have the spark, that ‘love’ spirit that can just pop forth at the least provocation.

It’s like ‘God’ is a reporter for the world’s largest publication. When some one of us has to step forward...as a substitute for the real thing...it’s probably just because He’s been called away temporarily on assignment...and one of us underlings is given our chance to shine. (I understand many really good teachers often do a ‘set up’ like this...and I’ve heard He is a teacher...as well as a reporter.)

Opportunities are often just there for the taking...look at our family history book called ‘The Bible.’ Since earth time began...fellow human beings have always needed help...

So the next time someone asks, “Do you really believe?” I’ll have to answer in the affirmative...especially since I’ve learned that any one of us can be a ‘stand-in’ for the Real Thing...at least until our enlistment here on earth has been served.

Just think...when at last each of us has to ‘face the music’...wouldn’t it be nice if we could each be convicted...of being...one of the ‘guys’ that could always have been counted on...by the Head Master... regardless of what name...you called Him by?