You are correct in asserting that the “media is not the enemy.” Certainly not an enemy deserving of the violence perpetrated in Annapolis or any type of violence. That said, you need to recognize that the blatant bias in the printed and broadcast media is deserving of criticism. You point to only cable channels as “ party mouthpieces.” Would that was the extent of partisanship in the media. For example, Your exclusive reliance on AP wire stories to cover the national and international news in the Daily News reveals the extent of your own bias to liberal agendas and causes.

Let’s examine only two issues to make the point. The U.S. GDP is expected to grow this quarter at an annualized rate of 4 percent. This growth is clearly the result of deregulation and tax reform passed by the current administration and the Congress as presently constituted, with virtually no support from the left. Your wire services are at pains to ignore that fact and to give credit where it belongs. Similarly, check your AP wire stories for positive news on the US-DPRK summit - you won’t find any. 

The mainstream media is not an enemy, but it would appear that it has abandoned objective reporting, and instead redefined the role of a “free” press as being the mouthpiece for liberal, redistributive, globalist, politically correct agendas. 

Philip A. Dur, Destin