Re: Story, April 1, “Walton County remains among fastest growing counties in the U.S.”

My reaction to the Walton growth spurt article: “ ‘One reason Walton County can expect more growth is an expected expansion of the military’s hypersonic weapon system testing program,’ Imfeld said.” And another quote: “It’s been a very positive attitude for both counties to say ‘We know they’re coming; let’s do what we can to make it a safe and sound environment for everyone to live in happily.’ ” (Emphasis added by me.)

I say let’s not make it a sound environment for everyone to live in happily. Currently we hear hypersonic weapon testing to the max already. All the way to the beach. It is unconscionable when those tests go off periodically. Like a sonic boom that shakes the popcorn off ceilings. Not good for any populated environment, with 68,376 persons in Walton County alone.

The military needs to do their bomb blast testing in the desert. What were they thinking?

John Bryant, Santa Rosa Beach

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