As a baby boomer father and grandfather, I am ecstatic that our children’s children are finally finding their voice. Every time I hear of another school shooting, I thank God that my children are no longer in that environment. But my grandchildren are! I pray every day that my grandbabies get home safely. As a Navy veteran, I do believe in the right to bear arms but I don't believe in the right to bear assault weapons! Our forefathers used single shot weapons to hunt and fight, and they did just fine with that.

I recently went to a 3 Dog Night concert and they did an a cappella version of a song called “Prayer of the Children.” It’s by the Overtones and you should listen to it if you have teenage children or grandchildren.

I hope these young people can generate enough interest in the gun debate to make our congressmen and senators actually think about who PUT them where they are rather than who can KEEP them where they are!

John Martin, Destin