BONIFAY - On April 29, 2019, the City of Bonifay held a public hearing to discuss the revitalization of our community. Thirty-seven people attended this hearing. The main concern of these participants was the neglect of properties in the community and what the elected officials could do to get these properties cleaned up.

Therefore, the city officials created a code enforcement division. In January of this year, the city hired a part time officer with the possibility of the position becoming fulltime. the goal goal is to work with both the citizens, as well as business property owners, to correct problems in a timely manner, as outlined in City Ordinance #385.

The City encourages all property owners to be proactive and do your part by removing inoperable vehicles, debris, and making repairs to homes and businesses. The City of Bonifay is dedicated to making our city a safe, and beautiful place to live and visit; and you can help by regularly maintaining your property to keep it clean, neat and safe, and familiarize yourself with the code enforcement ordinance.

"Our community is a reflection on all that call Bonifay and Holmes county home. We all must do our part and take pride in our little quiet corner of the panhandle," Williams said, " Copies of our ordinance are available on our website,, or a copy can be provided to you at City Hall."

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact City hall at 850-547-4238.