JACKSON COUNTY - Effective immediately, all sex offenders moving into Jackson County will have their picture, address, offender status, and certain information regarding their crime(s) posted on the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

According to the JCSO, sexual predators moving into the area, as well as those relocating within the county, will also be posted.

"This measure is not for punitive purposes, but to better insure the safety of our most vulnerable citizens, " JCSO said in a release. "Florida law requires the Sheriff’s Office in each county to make public notification when a sexual predator moves into or relocates within a county."

The organization said the statute allows, but does not require notification of the public regarding sexual offenders. Predators are classified as a sexual offender whose crime is of a particularly violent nature, their victim was below a certain age, or they reoffended within a certain time frame.

JCSO said offenders already residing within the county will not have their information posted but any person may search for sexual offenders/predators by going to Offender.fdle.state.fl.us and searching under the county they wish to see results in.

Per an ordinance passed by the Jackson County Board of Commissioners in 2019, an offender or predator moving into the county or relocating within the county must now reside 2500’ from a prohibited area such as a school, daycare, playground, or anywhere that children regularly congregate.