WAUSAU - Wausau Community Development Club is executing an abbreviated version of the Wausau Possum Festival, this year celebrating 51 years, with a parade, a commemorative publication celebrating the history of the festival and a virtual Possum King and Possum Queen contest, to be filmed and broadcast, as well as a Quilt Auction, a longtime mainstay of the festival, to be held following the parade on August 1, in front of the Wausau Town Hall.

There will also be the traditional Pancake Breakfast starting at 6 am at the Wausau Masonic Lodge, the club said.

The publication and King/Queen Contest will serve as fundraisers for the town, which relies heavily on the revenues from the annual Possum Festival to fund the scholarships given each year to high school graduates by the Development Club.

Developed in 1970 by Dalton Carter, at that time one of the founding members of the Development Club, the Wausau Fun Day and Possum Festival has long been the prime fundraiser for the Wausau Volunteer Fire Department, the Development Club and the Quilters Club in Wausau.

Earlier this month, the Wausau Town Council agreed to allow the parade if, on the day of the parade Florida Governor DeSantis has relaxed social distancing regulations enough to allow the assemblage.

For more information call the Wausau Town Hall at 850-638-1781 or visit www.WausauPossumFestival.com.