Our office has been made aware of at least two mailers that have been sent out via US Mail to our voters. This mailer did NOT come from the Washington County Supervisor of Elections office. (We did sent a post card out a few weeks ago that was green and white. ALL official mail in the State of Florida will always have an official election material log next to the postage or return address.) Additionally, no mailer would ever be sent from a Supervisor of Elections office endorsing any party of candidate.

After speaking with other Supervisor of Elections office across the State, we have discovered this is happening State wide. Unfortunately, we have no control over the actions of others. However, we are concerned that this may have caused some voter apprehension. We hope that you will not let the actions of others keep you from voting. You still have three options on casting a ballot in the 2020 Election cycle. You may vote by mail, vote early at either of our two location or vote on Election Day!

Whichever option you choose, we just want you to feel confident that your ballot is going to count! Voting is your right! Don’t give it away because of rumor you may have heard. As always, please call our office with any questions or concern! 850-638-6230.