To the Seniors of Holmes and Washington Counties,

I want to congratulate you on your accomplishments this year. Through the strife and struggles this year has brought you, you overcame and continued to carry on to the finish line.

When the national pandemic hit our states and how it affected the students, I thought back to my own school experience when the “norm” was shattered in September of 2001. Like you we had to experience a change and adjust. But as we have adjusted to this new crisis in 2020, I watched as you young warriors adjusted as many senior memories were taken from you. You watched as what should have been cherished memories be ripped away you held your heads up high and continued to journey on with courage, vigor, grace and dignity.

You were handed a grim moment this year but you overcame and defeated a severe challenge. As a former educator and singer, I had a framed poster in my classroom I always used to reiterate to my students:

“No storm is to severe to weather, No mountain to high climb,

No obstacle to mighty to overcome,

Though in darkest night your obstacle may come,

At dawn that obstacle you shall overcome,

All'alba vinceṛ”

The final words in that, “All'alba vinceṛ,” come from Puccini’s opera Turandot and translate to “at dawn I shall win,” and you truly have seniors, you overcame the obstacles of the darkest hour and at dawn, you won the battle.

Before us in the counties of Holmes and Washington, I see our future leaders. Graduating this year are our future educators, doctors, lawyers, professional sports players, business leaders, political leaders, journalist, agriculturalists, or whatever you choose to be. The future is yours seniors, cease it! Congratulations to you senior class of 2020. VINCERO!

K. William Boyer, Editor

Holmes County Times Advertiser

Washington County News