CHIPLEY- Chipley’s Redevelopment Agency has been busy this past month trying to help as many businesses within the city as they can stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic as they can with their Emergency Relief Grants.

During Monday’s conference call, the CRA approved giving Yes Lord Deliverance Church a grant to aide them during the crisis.

CRA Director Ted Everett said he felt that based on the criteria required for the grant, which included being inside the CRA designated area, a business or non-profit operating on or before March 27, or a church within the CRA designated area boundary.

“It is my conclusion, based on the criteria, I don’t see how we can deny them this money,” Everett said.

The approval of the grant totaled approximately 70 grants that have been awarded since the grant process started. Everett said applications for the grant applications have dwindled since the grant period began but applications will continue to be accepted until Thursday.

During Monday’s call the CRA had three other applications that had to be denied due to not meeting the criteria needed to receive the grant, predominantly not obtaining appropriate supporting business documentation needed they said. One application was put on hold while the CRA continued to deliberate.

Everett thanked City Councilman Brett Butler, CRA Liason for the city, “all he does for the CRA.”

Butler said he was just doing his job and was happy to help. Butler said he was happy to see all the things that the CRA was doing for the area.

“I enjoy working with you all,” he said. “You are all a good group.”

Everett said several businesses had called the CRA to thank them for offering the relief grants and to tell him how much it has helped.

In addition to the relief grants Everett said he delivered a grant application for a facade improvement grant to a business this week and he will be working on revising the CRA budget after allocating monies for emergency relief grants.

Everett said this has been a new experience for everyone and said it has been sad to watch businesses go through this troubling time.

“None of us has ever gone through something like this,” he said.