I seen a lot of controversy going around about the locals and people wondering what they are doing.

Here is how some local farmers are dealing with Covid-19. Local farmers are having to dump perfectly good milk to the ground because of Clovid-19 many of the farmers normal buyers are not purchasing milk so it all goes to waste.

So if you are in need of milk check with your local dairy farmers and buy directly so all the perfectly good milk doesn’t go to waste and you are supporting your local farmers. Dairy farmers are NOT the only ones who need your help field working farmers do to! Since this crisis not many people are purchasing good healthy produce, support your local field working farmers by buying tomatoes, blueberries, potatoes etc from them directly! Could you purchase those things at the local grocery store? Of course!

However you can support local farmers who have used local chemical guys, local tractor salesmen, local gasoline and diesel companies, and maybe even employed your friends or relatives!

– Cade McCullough, Holmes County