WASHINGTON COUNTY - In spite of not seeing the students face to face, the schools in Washington County are not being deterred from offering the best quality education they can an continue to show improvement.

According to the district data center, approximately 720 computers have been handed out to students.

“A donation of 250 Chromebooks have come in and we will be getting them prepared for use,” the district said.

the district said they they opened their new Student Online Enrollment Application for Students on April 6th and approximately 34 students have enrolled into the program already.

From March 1, 2020 through April 12, 2020 22 students withdrew from the districts and 23 students enrolled into the districts, showing a net gain in enrollments.

Food Services reported that last week they gave 9,084 breakfasts and 9,084 lunches.

The week before they reported giving out– 10,704 breakfasts and 10, 704 lunches

Each school in the district also had their own bit of news to report on how they are coping with the month long wait to return to face-to-face learning continues:

News from Kate M. Smith:

“We have our teachers making videos, sending cards in the mail to kids to cheer them, special areas and I are reading books kids can listen to online, PTO got some toys (sidewalk chalk, jump ropes, balls, bubbles, etc.) for the kids that we are giving out this week as they get work, I have done several call outs and we are talking to the kids and/or parents every week at least once a week. Many are seeing them on Zoom type rooms every day. We are putting out pictures of staff with messages and signs for the kids on Facebook this week too.”

News from Florida Panhandle Technical College:

“FPTC Instructors have been so creative in meeting the needs of students. They are working to create 3D masks, promote our FPTC Radio, show hair techniques through video conferencing, supplement our hemodialysis program with phlebotomy coursework, and so much more. We are continuing our high quality programs with fidelity! Our accrediting and governing agencies have been remarkable and are allowing on-line instruction and simulations programs to supplement the curriculum. These simulations for the Practical Nursing program are in the process of being purchased. We have students that are in the field and are part of the COVID-19 solution. We graduated 5 students from the Commercial Vehicle Training program that will start work with companies to transport necessities. We have students that have requested to withdraw due to COVID-19 pressures that have taken over. However, we also have students that are able to be more focused and continue to gain certifications. FPTC is here for our students as we all continue to work toward our goals!"

News from Roulhac Middle School:

“We have reached 100% of our students and delivered work to all them either physically or digitally. [We] got a van last week and delivered paper packets and picked up completed work from over 15 students. We are planning to do this every Wednesday during this learning process.”

News from WAVE:

“100% of students at WAVE have received their work assignments. 100% of parents/students at WAVE have been contacted via phone, email, FOCUS, ClassDojo, FaceTime, FOCUS Messenger, Google Voice, Remind or text on a biweekly basis since March 30, 2020. Distant Learning Task Boxes (hands-on activities) with learning packets have been delivered to all students. Request for technology is available and has been issued to students without a computer/device at home.

Many parents at WAVE are partnering with teachers, actively participating, and are excited about their child’s education. Daily, parents are motivated in sharing the progress their child is making by means of pictures and/or videos. These precious learning moments are amazing and is the connection to our students.

Progress monitoring data through online programs verifies that students are utilizing technology, accessing curriculum and making learning gains via distant learning. Based on parental feedback, therapy materials delivered to students are working well. Easter Baskets were delivered to twenty-four (24) students in grades pre-k through 2nd last week. Students at WAVE are very excited about the Berry Patch. Please join the Berry Patch via, FOCUS webpage or ClassDojo. Mrs. Berry dresses up and reads books aloud to facilitate MELD Language lessons.“

News from Vernon High/Middle School:

“We have all students receiving their work. We have made contact with all but one student. We are highlighting the senior students, previous sports teams/photos, etc. on our Facebook Page. Utilizing Zoom, some of our teachers have been hosting "Wednesday night socials" that include trivia contests and "zoom the room" scavenger hunts with our kids. Additionally, we have been inviting all staff to any scheduled Zoom meetings so they can see the kids and vice versa.”

News from Chipley High School

“We've contacted almost 100% of our students. We are highlighting seniors on Facebook and have sent shout outs to students from the entire staff. We are calling students to thank them for doing their work. and are asking about them when we are seeing them out in the community.

Several staff members are loading buses with lunches every morning at KMS. A few staff members are delivering lunches from the T.J. Roulhac Center.

There is more collaboration going on between faculty and staff regarding students via weekly Zoom meetings. There is much contact going on with parents than ever before. Teachers are learning how to use new technology and online apps. Teachers are consistently coming up with new ways to engage students as they collaborate and learn from each other (dances, online videos, phone conferences, etc.)“

WISE reported they made contact with 100% of their students.

Vernon Elementary School reported they have made contact with 100% of their students.