BONIFAY - You heard right, from foundation board member Hazel Tison, to current Administrator Jo Ann Baker, Doctor’s Memorial Hospital is not closing.

The hospital, located at 2600 Hospital Dr, right off the interstate, is a fully accredited, full service health care facility, offering compassionate, quality care in a family oriented environment. We provide care to those in need throughout the Panhandle area centered in Holmes, Jackson, Washington and Walton counties. In 2016 it was voted as one of the top 20 most beautiful hospitals in the state.

This month the Jubilee Doctor’s Management, a group of doctors out of Panama City, announced an agreement with DMH to take over management of the hospital.

The group said the one thing they noticed was the fact how beautiful and great the hospital could be but no one knew where it was.

"It is a hidden gem tucked away from view." the group said. "We have no doubts in our minds that this will work."

JDM said the hospital’s employees were all supportive of the take over and they were determined to do all they could to turn operations of the struggling hospital around. Plans they said included bring advanced technology to healthcare, pulmonary, and cardiology care.

"We are not going to come in here and start cost cutting," they said. "that is not what our proposal is."

The group applauded the hospital’s staff, saying that they were dedicated and never gave up.

Baker said that the staff has over come many obstacles faced by rural hospitals and she personally was looking forward to working with the new group.

"This is a great thing," she said.

During the transition period, the hospital will continue operations as normal, the hospital administration said.