Washington County - Washington County approved for a grant application to be submitted on a new “E911” system for the dispatch center in the county.

The new system, according to EMS coordinator Clint Erickson, will include an automated E911 callback and a rapid SOS feature.

“Which means if we get a call in the system and somehow it gets tied up in the system they will get an automatic call back,” Erickson said. “So no one is missed out on a call.”

Erickson also said the new system will have the latest CPE system which will provide the latest technology on the market. He said the dispatch center would continue to use the current system and upgrade to the new “E911” system.

Erickson said the upgrade is estimated at aproximately $300,000 and the tech and online feature, which is part of the proposed system is 37,000. Erickson said the grant which they is proposed is for and approximated $500,000 and would cover the costs.

“The grant isn’t due till April,“ Erickson said. ”But we want to get the application in ahead of time in case DMS had any questions.“

Erickson said he spoke to the sheriff and he said both felt this would be a big move forward for the county.

Hawkins said he appreciated Erickson looking out for the county and doing all he could to get grants to make sure the 911 system was up to standards.