CHIPLEY- Washington and Holmes Counties local FLorida Panhandle Technical College, which sits on the cusp of the the two neighboring communities, kicks off the fall semester to bright faces and eager goals as it heads into the 2020 academic school year.

Director Martha Compton said the said there are several things happening at the college this upcoming year but one thing she said she is proud to announce is the introduction to their new differentiation tuition program, which will help residents who live in a neighboring state but are still in driving distance to the college.

“This is a great thing for our students who want to come to FPTC, who live in place like Georgia and Alabama,” Compton said. “People who are in daily driving distance of the college will pay a slightly increased hourly rate that is still comparable to in-state tuition.”

An example, Compton said, would be look at the instate tuition of the Health Science program offered at the college.

“For instate students the total cost for one course is $864,” she said. Now for a regular out of state student it is over $3,000. But for our students who qualify for the differential program it is only “$903.”

Compton said in addition to the new tuition offering, the college will also be starting an evening practical nursing program and hires a new nursing instructor, Melissa Medley.

She also said the college was getting new SGA/Skills USA officers.

In the near future, Compton said the college hopes to bring back the Culinary arts program and said the college was currently looking for a culinary instructor.

“We are very excited about that,” she said. “It will supplement the programs that the high schools are already doing.”

Currently FPTC is working with several business coming into the Panhandle to ensure the college provides a quality training program that will provide the students and businesses, according to comptom.

For more information about FPTC, contact the college at 1.855.345.9482.