CHIPLEY - During last week’s county workshop Washington County FEMA Coordinator Kevan Parker spoke of ongoing projects happening in the county.

Parker said he informed the board that he attended a meeting with the Deputy Infrastructure Branch Chief. and that the current focus is on the road items. he said the road projects will likely increase 20% due to the increase in the cost of milled asphalt and rock.

According to Parker, 14 legacy projects that are outstanding. 2 are in level 8, 8 are still at FEMA and 4 need a lot of work done internally with DEM.

Commissioner Todd Abbott requested an update on the small debris that remains to be picked up.

Commissioner Tray Hawkins said the state will not approve blanket pickup. and they would have to be specific. He said If it is done with in house workforce the timeframe will be around two years, which will not be acceptable to FEMA.

The county said a letter is going to be sent to them with hopes of approval to proceed with the contract.

According to Parker, FEMA and DEM directed to send in specific projects. He said that there are 20 – 30 spots in the county that are on a punch list to be completed. The only other items are the ditches and drainage.

Parker said using the 428 process, money can be grouped together by signing a document, which County Administrator Massey has signed. A time extension will be done for all 428 projects. That system of the process is 12-months. According to the county It can’t be done until they are finished and it is costed. the county said one extension has been done previously.

City Administrator Jeff Massey advised a recovery transition meeting will be held in order to obtain access to the remaining funds once the projects are closed out.