VERNON - After years of mainlining and caring for the town’s cemetery, which lies in the heart of the town just off the main road, Vernon will now take sole ownership of the property after it was discovered that the town itself did not hold the title.

Town Clerk Tracie Walker said upon looking up the title in the county records it showed that the title for the cemetery had always been held by “the citizens” of Vernon instead of the “town of Vernon.” Walker said that the town had been handle the maintenance. Walker said that since the city has taken over the ownership they have been looking at doing upgrades to the property to make it look better.

“We are looking at putting up a fence,” Walker said. “Just beautifying it and making it look better.”

Walker said in addition to the the beautification project they also will be having a system in place to keeping a better track on marking graves for future burials.

“We have people coming and going and saying hey I marked my spot but there is no name so we don’t know who is to be where,” she said.

Walker said up until about three to four years ago it is believed the town never owned the cemetery based on research done by the town.

“Literately if you look up on the property appraisers site it said owned by the citizens of Vernon.” she said. “We maintained it for all those years because we didn’t know.”

Walker said with the town having maintained the cemetery all the years without having ownership could have caused a liability issue on the town’s part had anyone gotten hurt or any damage had been done. She said she was glad to see it turned over to the town without any problems and looks forward to the beautification project.

The city council said there was plans to purchase additional acreage for the cemetery in the near future as part of their project.