CHIPLEY - Washington County Board of Commissioners heard

Tray Hawkins, Chairman for the BOCC, told the recovery organization that the county appreciated their time to come out and present information on recovery assistance to the board.

Allison Atkinson, FEMA Programs Practice Lead, began the presentation saying that she understood the BOCC’s time was valuable and said it was an honor to have the opportunity to speak with them about the program.

“In the last ten years I’ve worked with small municipalities and school boards helping them navigate the FEMA Recovery funds,” Atkinson said.

Atkinson said in her work with helping the areas she was able to help them build back stronger after disasters. She said CSRS offers comprehensive disaster recovery solutions to help your community prevail. While their company is based in Louisiana, Atkinson said they have done work for communities all over the Gulf Coast.

“Right now we are helping the Florida DEO with their CDBG programs related to Hurricane Irma,” she said.

Atkinson said their experience could help Washington County in a shelter project that they are interested in because they could help the county with projects including negotiating for funds for recovery.

Stacy Bonnaffons,Community Development Block Grants Practice Lead, said since the county is looking into disaster recovery, including an evacuation shelter and she said their program could help the county in getting the funding needed.

“There are probably several funding sources you could explore for that,” She said. “Starting with the end in mind, If you know where you want to get to then how do you put the pieces in place now and make sure that whatever steps you take you maximize the funding available.”

Bonnaffons said she believes a CPBG project would be the best solution for the county to go to help achieve there goal. She said the county is only eligable for