BONIFAY - Bonifay City Clerk Beverly Gilley said as the year comes to a close, the city has a lot of things to be proud of as the new year approaches, from new businesses opening to the fire department receiving upgrades to their facilities.

Gilley said Bonifay the city is working with Holmes and Washington County on a new project for the “corridor” on Highway 79, to provide water and sewer to the new development going in. Gilley said the development will be a commercial development and will be an asset to the community that the city is happy to be a part of.

“We have bi-weekly conference calls on the project,” Gilley said.

On the water side the plans are more than half way complete she said. In the city, Gilley said the city has purchased all of the downtown parking lot.

“We are going after funding from the Rural Infrastructure funds to totally remodel and work on some drainage on that parking lot.” She said.

The city has also hire a grant administrator and engineering firm for a $650,000 CDBG Rehabilitation Grant to renovate the Old Padgett’s Drug in downtown. She said the first of the year they will begin planning for the surveying and construction of the project.

“What we hope to do is rehabilitate a historic building and have it available for a business.” she said.

In addition to these projects, Gilley said the city is working on a FEMA Hazard Mitigation Project called “Camp Branch.” The 3.4 million project will help alleviate some of the flooding in the city and will take approximately 2 years to complete. She said the project is a joint effort between DOT and the city.

“It will involve replacing bridges, culverts and increasing the size for more water-flow to get (storm water) out of the city quicker.

Beginning February 6, Bonifay will also have a code enforcement officer, according to Gilley. She said the position will be housed at city hall and will be a part time position, but will nevertheless be a great asset to the city.

“They will be enforcing our new code enforcement ordinance we passed last year and try to get the city cleaned up.” She said. “We are glad to have (them) working for the city because that is a big thing. Everybody talks about code enforcement.”

Also on January 16, the city will hold a public meeting to discuss getting downtown designated a historical district and she encourages to come out.