BONIFAY - The American Legion in Bonifay (Post 44), wanted to reach out and take care of the people that take care of people. Members of the Legion went out and conducted a fund raiser to provide gift cards over the Christmas holidays to our local first responders of Holmes County. (

American Legion’s Commander (Post 44), J.R. Goodwin presented gift cards to Officer C. White to take care of Bonifay’s finest Police Department. American Legion’s Sergeant of Arms, Tommy Ward presented gift cards to Bonifay’s EMS Director Steve Connell’s to hand out to his highly dedicated EMS employees. American Legion’s Adjutant Randy Burlew presented the Chief of Bonifay’s Fire Department Larry Cook gift cards to present to his highly motivated fire fighters. American Legion’s Chaplin John Ernst presented gift cards to Sheriff John Tate to use as door prizes for his hard working employees at their annual Christmas party.

The American Legion wants the community to know that Bonifay has an active American Legion located at the fire station. We meet the second Tuesday of every month at 5:30 pm and we are looking for opportunities to assist those in our community. We would like to thank all of the First Responders for all they do.

As a retired soldier, we know what it is like to put our lives in harm’s way for our Country and it’s an honor to go out and provide a small token of appreciation over the Christmas holidays for those who put their life’s in harm’s way when they put on their uniform to keep our community safe. Thanks again First Responders for your services!