WASHINGTON AND HOLMES COUNTY — As part of our efforts for community outreach, we will be asking our readers to send in photos and stories they find from around the community. If you have re out and about and you see something you think would make a great photo, take a picture and send it in to us. We will consider featuring it in the paper and on our website. If you think you have a story that needs to be shared, contact our editor, William Boyer, at kboyer@chipleypaper.com to discuss your idea.

Every Wednesday, we will feature photos by community photographers as part of our new feature, "Candid camera around Washington and Holmes County."

This week in honor of the holidays, Washington County Staff caught pictures around Holmes and Washington County representing the holidays. Next week we will feature shots of different homes around the counties decorated for the occasion. If you would like your home to be considered to be featured for our special, “Homes for the Holidays across Washington and Holmes County” feature, snap a picture and send it in to us. We will also accept pictures of prior holidays as well. Please include information on the home’s location and the photographer taking the picture.

Happy Holidays!