CHIPLEY - Joanne Maddix has lived on Shoreline Drive for years and said she has a complaint to discuss with the county - the state of her road.

“I live on a private road,” Maddix said. “Lived there for 22 years. Back in 2012 I sent to you all, I never received any response from you. We were trying to see what we need to do as homeowners to get bring up our road to get it county maintained.”

Maddix, who lives on the road with several other homeowners, said the road has gotten to the point that they have to maneuver around holes when driving. She said when a prior commissioner was on the board, “spoiled dirt,” was given to the road to help maintain it,

“It wasn’t free dirt,” she said. “We all paid county taxes.”

She said with the lack of rain the road has become increasingly damaged and the need for maintenance is critical. The neighborhood has decided to pay for a person to come and perform maintenance on the road. She said the cost for the maintenance would be $50 plus over $200 for the dirt which the residents would have to buy.

“I just feel like nobody has cared for us, as a private road,” she said. “We haven’t had any held since you quit giving us the spoiled dirt. We should be able to have something from you all that we paid the taxes for.”

Public Works Department said they had been informed about the situation and had a plan in motion to help improve the road as much as the county is legally allowed.

Commissioner Todd Abbot said legally the county can not give dirt to them.

“Everybody has to have the same opportunity,” he said. “If we put one scoop on it we are putting money on it which makes it illegal, that’s why we are no longer doing it.”

The commissioners said they want to help the residents as much as they can and encouraged Maddix to keep a line of open communication with them regarding the situation.