CHIPLEY — Join Washington County News and Washington County Chamber of Commerce in congratulating the winners of the chamber's 1st annual BBQ in the Pines winners.

"Observing the bbq teams throughout the day it was very interesting to see," Ted Everett, Executive Director of Washington County Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development said. "The personalities of the individuals came out as they cooked."

Everett said he hoped that all the teams will come out next year and compete and he said all the teams did well and their food was great.

"It was a pleasure to have all the teams to have them out there competing," Everett said. "I didn't have a big enough stomach to try all the good food they had. They are all winners in our eyes."

OVERALL CHAMPION— Big Jim Smokin Butts

Rib Division:

first place—Big Jim Smokin Butts second place— Team Tennessee third place— Heaven Scent BBQ

Boston Butt Division:

first place— Team Tennessee second place— a tie, Team Tennessee and Holy Smoke BBQ third place— a tie, Crombie Smoke Crew and Heaven Scent BBQ

Chicken Division:

first place— Crombie Smoke Crew second place-- Team Tennessee third place— a tie, Heaven Scent BBQ and Big Jim Smokin Butts

Participants in the competition were as follows:

Team 1—Bj’s Grill, Brandon and Jennifer Thompkins, Lillie Stephens, Audrey Stephens

Team 2— Heaven Scent BBQ— Kenneth and Betsy Bishop, Jeff and Denise Fuller

Team 3— Big Jim Smokin Butts— Jim and Wes Schweinsberg, John Williams, Bill Pafford

Team 4— Holy Smoke BBQ—Kenny, Gwen and Olivia Brock

Team 5— Crombie Smoke Crew— Robert Crombie

Team 6— Snell BBQ— King and Angela Snell

Be sure to check out our featured photo gallery of the event on A6 of this edition of the Washington County News.