"CHIPLEY – Washington County News and Holmes County Times Advertiser has a new editor at their helm with the arrival of William "Kevin" Boyer, effective October 14.

Prior to stepping into the role, he served as the city reporter of Milton and has acted as an assistant editor at Santa Rosa’s Press Gazette in Santa Rosa County. As a reporter, Boyer focused on local community issues and committed himself to ethical, honest reporting. Press Gazette Publisher Jim Fletcher said the Santa Rosa’s loss would be Chipley’s and Bonifay’s gain.

“When Kevin joined our staff, he truly hit the ground running,” Fletcher said. “In no time at all, he familiarized himself with all the stories in our area and all the players within those stories. He quickly made Santa Rosa his adopted home and became known for writing fair and impartial stories. I'm certain he will do the same at his new journalistic home. I won't be looking for a "new Kevin" because, quite frankly, I couldn't do that. Instead, I will look for someone who is at least equally dedicated."

Nicole Barefield, publisher of the the News and the Times-Advertiser, said she was excited to have Boyer come on board and looked forward to working with him on improving the paper.

I’m pleased to welcome Kevin aboard as the new editor of the News and Times-Advertiser,” Barefield said. “I believe he will bring a fresh energy and commitment to providing relevant and timely news and content important to our local communities.

Barefield said Boyer had a strong background in community news and feature-reporting and was capable of managing multiple media platforms to, "ensure our audience receives the most up-to-date, fair and  accurate reporting for their home communities."

Boyer was named editor of the papers following former editor Jacqueline Bostick, who served as editor for a year and a half and a part-time reporter a year prior.

 "I have thoroughly grown from the small-community experience Washington and Holmes counties has offered up over the years," Bostick said. "Capturing the progress of this area has been more than a duty - but a very special ever-giving opportunity to me. I am confident Boyer will continue the quality of journalism both papers have delivered to the local communities for several decades."

Bostick will continue her career in journalism at The News Herald in Bay County, where she has been a resident since 2010.

Prior to his career in journalism, Boyer served as an educator for eight years. He earned his Associates of Arts in English from Pensacola State College and a Bachelors of Arts in English and Journalism from University of West Florida.

A native of Pensacola Fl., he has been involved in several communities in Florida and Alabama with his church, Community of Christ, where he serves as an ordained minister.

Boyer said his goal for the papers is to be able to provide more local community news and be a presence in the community.

“My only real goal is that I am an asset to Washington County News and Holmes County Times and to the community,” Boyer said. “These papers have a rich history in the providing local, ethical, relevant news to the community. I am eager to work with Nicole to continue that tradition as best I can.”

He said he believes that community involvement is key to the community papers success and he is encouraging the residence to get involved with the paper. He said he is encouraging readers to stop by and see him and to also send letters to the editors about local issues and to contact him on anything they feel needs to be addressed.

“The main point is, this is the community’s paper,” he said. “It’s not my paper, it’s theirs. I want to hear from them. I have an open door policy and I want to know what they have to say.”

Boyer said he plans to go around the community regularly and have “coffee with the editor” to give the community the chance to talk with him on issues around the community. He said he would love to feature more stories about members of the community in the "Celebrate Community" section and build on the sports of the community. To do that, he said he needs the help of the community.

"We are a small town paper," he said. "It's vital that the community be willing and desiring to contribute local content. My mission is that when the community does contribute they know the material they contribute will be given every consideration."

William "Kevin" Boyer can be reached at kboyer@chipleypaper.com or at 850-638-0212 ext. 4006.