BONIFAY - A new emergency medical services station could be the next phase of development for Holmes County.

The Holmes County Board of County Commissioners is poised to submit a proposal for appropriation for $2.5 million for a new EMS station that will also serve as a training facility for other emergency personnel.

Holmes County officials visited with state representatives last week in Tallahassee to introduce and discuss the facility. 

"This has been one of my personal goals," said HCBOCC Chairman Clint Erickson. "This facility needs to be done."

"Right now our EMS is housed at the old fairgrounds facility," he added. "Over the years we've had nothing but problems and leaks and drainage issues out of that facility."

According to officials, the current building has been inadequate for about 20 years and unable to sustain harsh weather conditions.

"There are several structural issues," said EMS Director Steve Connell. The proposed building would "give us the ability to expand, we hope it will have state-of-the-art communications" and "it can withstand a category 3 hurricane."

The board is looking to state funding and does not expect any local taxes to fund the project. Officials in Tallahassee have been supportive of the proposal and local officials are confident to see a bill materialize.

"We want to be able to have an adequate place for our EMS personnel ... it's their living quarters and working quarters," Erickson said. "I just feel this needs to be done."