CHIPLEY - County employees can look forward to a pay increase.

At Thursday's regular meeting, Washington County Board of County Commissioners passed a motion to roll a three-percent across the board pay raise into Fiscal Year 2019-2020 budget.

The proposed budget was not immediately available.

"The board has found it important for the last two years to give the employees raises, but this year we were able to trim the budget well enough to absorb the three percent internally," said WCBOCC Chairman Tray Hawkins.

Hawkins pointed to a pay study conducted four years ago which showed the pay scale for county employees as a viable. And after a couple of years of being fiscally unable to increase wages - while drawing down county debt - the board looked to the upcoming fiscal year to implement the raise.

No essential items were cut in order to make room for the pay increase, officials said.

Check back in Saturday's edition for a closer look at the county's budget.