BONIFAY - As the Blue Devil students enjoy a relaxing break from the school year, 11 Blue Devil Battalion cadets recently participated and graduated from a leadership camp. 

The Camp is appropriately named JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge. JCLC took place at Camp James E. Rudder, Eglin Air Force Base from July 21-26.  At JCLC cadets from 14 schools across the panhandle are re-organized into squads. Four squads make a platoon. Four platoons make up a company. 

The mission of JROTC is to motivate young people to be better citizens. 

The week long camp combines hands-on leadership training as the cadets participate in a wide range of activities ranging from climbing a rock wall to rappelling down a tower to negotiating a leader’s reaction course.  Other activities include aquatics where they learn water survival / drown proofing, low ropes which builds their team building skills, first aid on how to evaluate a casualty, treat for shock and immobilizing fractures, perform CPR, control bleeding, land navigation course, and survival skills.  JCLC concludes with a cadet leadership board, a platoon drill competition, and a field day competition which includes volleyball, izzy dizzy, ski race and a tug a war event. The cadets are also judged on the construction of their platoon Guidon, safety procedures and barracks inspections through-out the week. 

These events are accomplished requiring cadets to rotate through leadership positions. The cadets plan and organize their units for each day’s activities. The cadets sleep in military barracks and eat their breakfast, lunch and supper in a dining facility.  There is little free time. Cadets are training well into the evening hours. 

The Blue Devil cadets performed exceptionally well.  Cadet Tristen Nored (a senior this year) was one of the black hat cadets that performed in the opening ceremonies as the state flag bearer on the Color Guard team. She also received a camp staff arc for her exceptional leadership skills as a black hat. 

Every cadet completed all tasks and are now graduates of JCLC. They all received a JCLC arc and a minimum of four summer camp ribbons to wear proudly on their Class B uniform.  They look forward to their upcoming school year with their opportunity to be leaders in the JROTC Blue Devil Battalion.  They all will receive a promotion and be rewarded their arcs and ribbons the first Thursday in Sept (5 Sept) during class. Family members and friends are welcome to attend. 

First Sergeant Randy Burlew stated that "he was very proud of all the cadets for their dedication to excel at the leadership camp." He also stated that "JCLC was successful due to the cadets, cadre and chaperones working together as a team."  Although camp is focused on the cadets, 1SG Burlew would like to thank Mrs. Andrea Biddle.  She attended JCLC as a chaperone from the Blue Devil Battalion.  She got the honors of supervising and training with second platoon.

Great Job Blue Devil Battalion!