CHIPLEY - Falling Waters State Park has been named one of 10 best state parks in the Panhandle.

The state park was recently listed by USA Today's Top Ten.

"It is always an exciting thing (to be recognized)," said Park Manager Aaron Miller. "It tells you're doing something right and the park going in the right direction."

The park is known for its 70-foot tall waterfall - the tallest in the state. Visitors can view the cascading water from two different vantage points. The walls of the sinkhole are limestone formations that formed 20 to 30 million years ago, when the Panhandle was underwater, according to

Other than the waterfall, visitors enjoy the trails and campsites. The community often uses the park's amphitheatre to host events - something that Miller said is also another draw for tourists and locals.

"We have had a lot of really good events to draw folks in and see the park," he said, noting the lake has been very popular this summer.

Since Hurricane Michael, the park has made a number of improvements, such as, adding new playground equipment in the picnic area and new family restroom and bath house. A new platform and walkway is soon to be completed, as well.

"It's all about our visitors experience. It's not so much us, as it is the park," Miller said. "The park sells itself - we just have to keep it up."