WASHINGTON AND HOLMES COUNTIES - The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity recently released its unemployment rate report. Keeping with the regional trend, the report shows a slight uptick for Washington and Holmes counties from May to June and a decrease from June last year.

The regional unemployment rate for June was 3.9 percent, a 0.4 increase from May and 0.3 decrease from last year June. For Washington County, the rate for June was 3.6, 0.5 point higher than May, and 0.4 point lower than June last year. For Holmes County, the rate increased to 4.0 in June from 3.4 in May, and 0.3 point decrease from last year.

For the region, which includes Holmes, Washington, Calhoun, Jackson, and Liberty counties, the labor force increased to 42,227, up from 137 over last year. There were 1,659 unemployed residents in the region, according to the report.

According to the report, the state's June unemployment rate remained at 3.4 percent, unchanged from May, and decreased by 0.2 percentage point from June last year.

Out of a labor force of 10,338,000 in the state, 349,000 people were jobless. However, the state showed an increase of 16,100 jobs from May to June for nonagricultural employment. The state's number of jobs increased by 218,800, or 2.5 percent.

The unemployment rate for the country was 3.7 percent in June.


Unemployment rates

                                   Jun-19             May-19            Jun-18

Region                           3.9                   3.4                 4.2       

Calhoun                         4.1                   3.5                 4.2                 

Holmes                          4.0                   3.4                 4.3     

Jackson                         4.1                   3.5                 4.4        

Liberty                           4.0                   3.4                 4.0     

Washington                   3.6                   3.1                 4.0