CHIPLEY - Hurricane Michael was no match for the strong determination of Florida Panhandle Technical College's graduating class of 2018-19.

"Hurricane Michael was devastating, it was the strongest storm to ever hit the Panhandle," said FPTC Director Martha Compton. "But the people in our area are special. We overcome. Hurricane Michael highlighted our community’s strength as well as how important it is to have qualified construction and medical professionals in our community."

The college graduated 280 students at a ceremony held Tuesday night at Shiloh Baptist Church.

FPTC's motto of "Career in a Year" rang true as many students first enrolled during the same school year in which they received their industry certifications, a news release stated. The college has offers more than 32 of such programs.

"Our community is ready to work and we’re doing our part to make sure that that happens," Compton said. "We are, and will always be, 850 strong and FPTC proud."

Established in 1967, FPTC continues to provide career and technical training for Washington, Holmes and the entire Panhandle region.