BONIFAY - The beauty of it all is, well, that it is going to be beautiful.

That's the intent of a new initiative Bonifay City Council has introduced.

"If you want your community to look better, you've got to participate too and here's an opportunity that anybody in our community can participate and be a part of it," said City Clerk Beverly Gilley. "We have a lot of good people in this community," she later added.

The city has a number of cement pots available for civic and religious organizations, and businesses to adopt, fix up and 'plant' on a corner. The volunteering adopting agency will use its own funds to maintain the planter for an undetermined amount of time. There is no fee to adopt a planter.

"I anticipate in two years, Bonifay is going to have a real noticeable facelift," Gilley said, after mentioning the Downtown Beautification committee has been awarded three grants to install an irrigation system for a landscaping project and about $650,000 the city is requesting from the state to update Veterans Park to an ADA compliant park. "I'm excited."

Panhandle Lumber & Supply was first to adopt a pot. The owner serves on the city's Downtown Beautification Board.

The glossy pastel yellow pot with its turquoise and coral colored rim pops out in the heat of the day at the corner of Highway 90 and 79. Multicolored flowers appear to dance around the tree standing tall at the pot's center as it was placed on the corner last Monday.

"I was surprised at the attention once it was set out on Monday morning," Gilley said, noting the 150 likes on a post at Panhandle Lumber & Supply's Facebook page.

"Made me immediately think of Easter," Judy Callahan Powell wrote in a Facebook post. "Thanks for helping to make that corner look so much better. Hopefully this is the beginning of seeing change in downtown Bonifay and results of the community meeting last week." 

"That is just beautiful," Susie Murphy Manuel wrote in a post. "Thank you."

"I am so happy to see something like this in town," Robine Reichert wrote in a post.

If you would like to adopt a planter, contact City Clerk Beverly Gilley at 850-547-4238.