HOLMES COUNTY - Counties hit hard by Hurricane Michael received a relief last week - Gov. Ron DeSantis announced a two week extension for debris removal.

The final debris pass was slated for April 15, but has been extended to May 1.

"Even though Holmes County was really blessed and didn't see the damage our neighboring counties did, I'm glad to see this extension granted by the state for debris pick up because this will help our county," said Holmes County Board of County Commissioners Clint Erickson. "We are asking all our residents to have all their tree debris out by the county and state right of way by May 1. The drop dead deadline for our contractors to pick up the debris is May 31."

"I can't stress this enough, this will be the last pick up for debris," he emphasized.

However, that does not necessarily mean the deadline for counties to have the dumping sites cleaned up and closed out, and invoices prepared, has changed, according to officials, some of whom are waiting on clarification from the state.

Gov. DeSantis has proven to be a faithful friend of the Panhandle survivor communities.

Earlier this year, the governor announced the Federal Emergency Management Agency would extend the days of full reimbursement for debris clean up from five to 45 days. The pronouncement came after he met with President Donald Trump that same week at the White House to discuss the struggles of the Panhandle areas impacted by Hurricane Michael.

On March 29, he announced that FDOT will receive $9.8 million from FEMA to reimburse the cost of debris cleanup in Jackson County.