PONCE DE LEON - The Town of Ponce de Leon held its First Annual PDL Spring Fling on Saturday.

The event brought together the community - from residents to law enforcement to businesses. The event raised money for the town's Hurricane Preparedness Fund.

"Over 400 people turned out for our First Annual PDL Spring Fling. We are very pleased and could not have asked for a prettier day. The children hunted Easter eggs and had pictures taken with the Easter Bunny," said Town Clerk Tammy Melerine.

"Our goal is to have a Red Cross approved hurricane shelter that can house and support all of the residents of Holmes who reside on the west side of the river," she said. "Currently there isn't anything in place to adequately protect the over 3,000 residents that live here. Although there are only approximately 500 residents of the town, Ponce de Leon is working hard to find ways to support our residents as well as our neighbors and familys in the other small communities that surround us."

The following businesses sponsored the event: The Howard Group, The Cove II Restaurant, Triangle Chevrolet in Defuniak. The following entities supported the event in various ways:

Holmes County Library, Ponce de Leon Volunteer Fire Department, Holmes county Sheriff's office and Cricket Wireless of Defuniak.

Vendors at the event were: Vendors were Taste of Summer, Sno Cone Express, High Horse Farms, The Cove II, Tyler's Photography, cakes and chocolates by George along with 22 arts and crafts vendors.