WAUSAU - In its fourth year, Wrestling Against Cancer will make its way to Wausau. This time, to help a local teenager who is battling Hodgkin's lymphoma - an increasingly treatable cancer that effects the lymphatic system.

"Cancer effects a lot of people," said Jack Patterson, a pro-wrestler out of Bay County. It effects them not only financially, it effects them mentally. It effects them in all different ways."

A pro-wrestling match will be held 6 p.m. Saturday, May 4 at the Possum Palace, 3121 Possum Palace Drive in Wausau. Tickets are $10. All proceeds will go to Chipley High School Madison Wilson.

"With this event, Jack has managed to combine two things about which he is passionate – wrestling and the fight against cancer – in the name of helping others," said Carol Wyatt, Wilson's mother, who is also the Public Information Officer at Holmes County Sheriff's Office and former editor of WCN/HCTA. "Our family has been blessed with an outpouring of support, but even with insurance, the medical expenses can become staggering. This event will help us pay down what is owed to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, as well as bring the community together for a night of entertainment in the name of a good cause.

"Additionally, our family has decided to remain involved as volunteers with future events so that we may pay forward the kindness and support we’ve received during our own difficult time," she added.

Patterson began the wrestling benefits when his sister was diagnosed with cancer about four years ago. To help her with the medical costs, and to raise awareness about cancer, Patterson instituted the annual cancer benefit wrestling show.

Last year, the benefit was dedicated to three-year-old Liam, of Bay County, who had been diagnosed with lymphoblastic lymphoma. At the show, wrestlers gave him the

This year's lineup includes a host of wrestlers from the region and National Wrestling Association legend Tommy "Wildfire" Rich.

"When you're given an opportunity to give back, it's always a pleasure to help folks," Rich said, noting he's often on the road and he is glad to take time to stop and do something to help someone else.  "With this, it's to help the young lady out."

For more information about Wrestling Against Cancer, follow Jack Patterson on Facebook.