CARYVILLE - Letters to the IRS to request a payment plan to get the town out of debt were approved to be sent when the Caryville Town Council met in regular session March 12.

Accountant Lois Robinson advised the council after speaking with the IRS what they needed to do in order to bring the town into good standing. A letter requesting a payment plan must be sent from which the town will await an answer from the IRS.

Due to not having any W-2 or W-3 filed with the IRS in 2015, the IRS has agreed to allow the town to pay a penalty of $990.80 for the issue to be forgiven. The council in a unanimous vote approved making the payment out of the general fund to avoid anymore costs incurring. The town has also received an electronic pin number which will be used to electronically deposit all sales tax monies from here forward.

With all of the documentation needed to conduct an audit nearly finished, the town is set to have its first audit in several years completed in the next 10 days.

A workshop with the council and members of the Ponce de Leon Town Council is set to be arranged to discuss Caryville providing trash service to the town of Ponce de Leon. No word yet on when the meeting will be held.

The final payment on the town's garbage truck was approved to be paid in the amount of $18,472.25. The funds will be taken partly out of the worm fiddling fund and the general fund to cover the cost.

The council also approved an insurance premium payment to the Florida League of Cities in the amount of $4,125 to be paid out of general funds.

The Caryville Town Council will meet again in regular session at 6 p.m. on April 9.